There's value in knowing you you're dealing with when hiring a firm or individual to do your web development project.

If you're like most people, when you think are looking to select a web developer or firm, there's a level of uncertainty. It's natural. You don't want to make a mistake. Who are you going to trust? Well there is certainly some value in knowing who you're dealing with when hiring a firm or individual to do your web development project. Almost everyone uses contracts because it's important, but nobody wants to get to the point where they have to go back to their contract. In other words, when things go well, the contract that was signed at the beginning is long forgotten and never seen again. So who are you dealing with? Can you make a good judgement call?

To better understand going further, think of several key aspects.

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Value

Big firms VS an individual

And therein lies part of the potential problem in dealing with larger firms. For years when I worked at several other firms, I saw first hand what can go wrong with bigger firms when you do not know who you will be dealing with. Clients who signed up with the firm because they communicated well with the sales person, because they felt comfortable. Then, after the contract was signed, they were suddenly dealing with a completely new person or people. And sometimes, for example, the project manager and the client did not share the same level of communication. They didn't "click" at all like they did with the sales person. Did you ever try dealing with someone with whom you don't communicate well? The point is, when we come to an agreement for me to help you with your web project, we will have already "connected" to some degree. We've already communicated. You obviously understand me and feel I understand you well enough that you're comfortable moving forward. So you won't get surprised like you can with a big firm, where you've dealt mostly with one person, and then after the contract is signed, that person has little or nothing to do with the project, and the person or persons you do have to deal with are a whole different story when it comes to how you communicate. I've personally seen it happen many times, where it causes problems. With me being a Freelancer, I'm the guy you will be dealing with and you'll know I'm available throughout the project. No surprises! It may seem somewhat trivial now, but you'll appreciate the difference when you experience it, one way or the other.

At the end of the day, many small business must make decisions based on value. As a freelancer, I don't have the big overhead that larger firms do. Therefore, I can charge much less, passing much of this back to you as added value, for much less. In fact, with the smaller budget that many small businesses are limited to, many larger firms will either offer you a whole lot less for your money, or not even take you on as a client because they feel you're not worth it to them... too much trouble! How will that make you feel? Regardless, know that you can get great value with me as your freelance web developer that's simply not possible with larger firms.

There are other things as well, but that's for another discussion.

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