Here’s an analogy I came up with that I believe illustrates a valuable concept to grasp about marketing, especially in this internet day and age.

Marketing. Think of marketing like trying to catch fish by fishing in the ocean. Of course the fish you want to catch are prospects and customers. There are important things to remember. It's a huge ocean, with an awful lot of fish. However, many fish are in other parts of the ocean that are simply not prospects. You’ll never catch them. However, there are lots and lots that are prospects. The thing is, you can’t see them and don’t know how many there are.

Your boat might be in a great spot. You have great lines and nets in the water that are successfully catching fish. You’re happy. However, you'll never know what you're missing. And the truth is, that could be a lot of fish!

What if you could add another net? Or perhaps another boat in a different location?

Sometimes I'll talk to someone about a marketing method they are not currently doing, and they will tell me that they are already successful doing something else. So perhaps I'm discussing some form of internet marketing with a small business that has built their business strictly by relationships and referrals. This is when this analogy might be helpful. You see, the business owner has been successful, just like the boat fishing in a good spot, catching fish and happy. Yet he has no idea how many prospects and new clients he's missing by only doing this one form of marketing. So another form of marketing, in this example internet marketing of one type or another, is like casting additional nets of having additional boats in different spots.

If you'd like to get help finding additional prospects and ultimately new business, let's talk about how I can help you.

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